Every stone has a story. Maine is fondly known for its iconic rocky coasts, lush green mountains, and, of course, lobster. But if you look below the surface, Maine is also home to some of the most dazzling gemstones on the planet. At the Maine Mineral & Gem Museum, we explore the history and science of mineralogy in Maine, and showcase exquisite examples of gems, gemstones, meteorites and mineral specimens at our world-class facility in Bethel, Maine. MMGM’s jewelry collection exclusively utilizes gemstones found by small local mining families, many of which can be traced to the exact pocket from which they were pulled. By purchasing a piece of MMGM jewelry, you not only support local artists, craftspeople, and the museum, but you become part of the ongoing provenance of a precious gem. Every stone has a story, and now you are part of that story, too.