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Memory Keepers with Gem Tourmaline

Memory Keepers with Gem Tourmaline

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Some of the most uncommon pieces of jewelry in our store are these Memory-Keepers.  Handmade by Victoria Woolen-Danner of VWD Jewelry, these pieces are made with sterling silver and copper.  If you look closely, there are designs stamped into the copper.  

Cleverly designed, the top of the pendant comes off to store mementos of your choosing. Two of the keepers feature a tourmaline: one green, one pink.  Both measure 5 mm and weigh 0.53 carats each. The tourmaline gemstones were mined at the Dunton pegmatite in Newry, Maine from 1972-1974 during the "Big Find" by Plumbago Mining Corporation.  There is also a keeper with no stone.   

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