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Rubellite Tourmaline Gemstone Necklace

Rubellite Tourmaline Gemstone Necklace

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This necklace features an exquisite Rubellite Tourmaline Gemstone. What color! This natural, untreated Rubellite measures 9.9 mm in diameter and weighs 3.2 carats. The provenance of this stone is from the Dunton pegmatite quarry, Newry, Maine. This stone was cut from a tourmaline crystal discovered in the major find of gem tourmaline by Plumbago Mining Corporation between 1972-1974 and is part of the "Big Find".  

The Sterling Silver bezel setting features enchanting  swirl accents in 18k yellow gold.  With a 16 to 18 inch adjustable sterling silver chain, it offers the perfect fit for any occasion. Designed and handcrafted by Tina Dinsmore, this beautiful necklace is a treasure from Maine's largest and most famous gem tourmaline discovery!

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