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Tourmaline Cabochon Rings by Circle Stone Designs

Tourmaline Cabochon Rings by Circle Stone Designs

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These three exceptional rings feature outstanding cabochons all mined at the Dunton Pegmatite in Newry, Maine by Plumbago Mining  Corporation between 1972-1974. 

Anita Roelz of Circle Stone Designs has taken these cabochons and featured them in her hand-forged ring designs.  The combination of stone and setting create a refined, organic look rugged enough for everyday wear. All rings are made with sterling silver that has been oxidized.  Sizing is not available on these rings.

The green cabochon measures 11 mm and weighs 5.75 cts. The larger pink cabochon measures 13.8 mm and weighs 13.35 cts while the smaller cab measures 12 mm and weighs 8.21 cts.  As with every purchase, these rings come with a history card detailing all of its information: where it was mined, who mined it, what it is set in, and who created the mounting.

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